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  • Joovv The Joovv™ Light


    The Joovv™ Light

    Hang your Joovv Light on your bedroom door. Or maybe in the closet. Or pretty much anywhere else. Experience the power of red light therapy in your home at your convenience. Slim design with a powerful punch.  Designed to fit behind a door, the Joovv Light weighs in at just under 15 lbs. But boy, it doesn’t skimp on power. The Joovv Light kicks out over 30,000 lumens at only 300 watts. That’s about 10 times the efficiency of a standard incandescent bulb! Red light therapy for your whole body.  The Joovv Light is built with 120 degree lenses and lux values of over 30,000, even at 20 inches from the surface. Covering an area of 56″ x 26″ your whole body can experience red light therapy in the comfort of your own home. You can use it. Your kids can use it. Even your dog can use it. Everyone wins with the Joovv Light! Red light therapy crafted especially for you. We designed the light spectrum in a way that promotes rejuvenation. Utilizing a tight spectrum of red wavelengths at 660 nm, rest assured that you’ll feel refreshed after using the Joovv Light. Use discount code MINI25 for an exclusive Xer360 discount.