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Set of 5 Large Resistance bands


RED BAND – Provides Resistance of 15 – 35lbs with a Circumference of 208cm x 12.7mm Wide x 4.5mm Thick.

BLACK BAND – Provides Resistance of 35 – 75lbs with a Circumference of 208cm x 20.6mm Wide x 4.5mm Thick.

PURPLE BAND – Provides Resistance of 75 – 120lbs with a Circumference of 208cm x 31.75mm Wide x 4.5mm Thick.

GREEN BAND – Provides Resistance of 120 – 175lbs with a Circumference of 208cm x 44.5mm Wide x 4.5mm Thick..

BLUE BAND – Provides Resistance of 175 – 230lbs with a Circumference of 208cm x 63.5mm Wide x 4.5mm Thick.

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Xerflex Resistance Bands are Made From the Best Quality Natural Eco Friendly Latex, TO ENSURE THEY LAST YEAR AFTER YEAR. Our Bands Have Been Specifically Designed with Your Comfort in Mind. THE SMOOTH FINISH ENSURES THERE IS NO PULLING OF THE HAIR AND SKIN, Unlike Other Poor Quality Bands on the Market.

1. VERSATILE – Use on There Own or in Conjunction with Dumbbells & Barbells, Great for Assisted or Resisted Chins, Squats, Bench Press, & Olympic Lifting. Build Explosive Power by Progressively Working Through Each Resistance Band. 5 Exercise Bands all Providing a Different Level of Resistance.

2. FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH TRAINING – Functional Training is a Smarter Way to Train. Whether You’re an Elite Athlete, a Fitness Enthusiast, or Someone Who Just Wants to Improve Strength and Mobility. Your Xerflex Resistance Bands are EASY TO USE in Many Different Functional Positions, & Will Help Strengthen Every Part of Your Body Including your Core.

3. BETTER FOR JOINT MOBILITY – When Using Exercise Bands You get a Continues Resistance Through Movement. Every Part of the Muscle is Working, Not Only Concentrically But More Importantly an Eccentric Load Which Promotes Mobility and Muscle Growth, All Without Putting Extra Strain on Your Joints.

4. A GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO THE GYM – EASY AND EFFECTIVE WAY TO DO A WORKOUT, SUITABLE FOR  BOTH MEN AND WOMEN OF ALL FITNESS LEVELS. With Xerflex Resistance Bands You can Work Almost Every Muscle in the Body, Target any Muscle Group and Tailor Your Workout using 1 of 5 bands, Depending on The Level of Resistance Needed. Light weight Which Makes it an Easy Option to take and Use Anywhere.

5. XERFLEX RESISTANCE BANDS COME WITH A 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. So for whatever Reason you’re Not Happy with your purchase, get in Contact with Us, Send your Product Back within the 60 Days and We will Refund your Money No Questions Asked. If you are Ready to Benefit from our Great Product, then Press Buy Now and Add to Basket.

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