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Xer360 supplies Xerflex resistance bands to NRL referees

Xer360 are proud to announce that we are supplying the NRL Referee’s with our range of XerFlex Resistance bands. The NRL is the Biggest sport in Australia and continues to grow from strength to strength. The national Rugby League is regarded as the best Rugby League competition in the world and supports some of the games biggest names. Rugby League is a true spectators sport and the NRL is known for its speed and ferocity. The contact and force the athletes endure is phenomenal, making this sport remarkably entertaining for its fans. With Rugby League being a full contact sport, tempers can flair at times, and at the centre of all this action is the NRL Referees who must take control of the game.

The Referees are not just the people in the middle, these days they need to be athletes themselves. With the speed and intensity of the game the referees need to constantly be on the ball, and are under constant pressure to make the right decisions. This means the referees need to be as fit or if not fitter then the players themselves just to keep up with play.

The NRL have a team of over 40 Referees of which 20 are employed full time, training just as professionally as an NRL team. Their day consists of both weight training and conditioning all amongst video reviews, rehab and physiotherapy. This year the Strength and conditioning along with the physio department have incorporated functional training and rehabilitation into the referees programs. They have adopted the use of XerFlex resistance bands throughout their functional training and rehabilitation sessions.

As head physiotherapist for the NRL referees I chose Xer360’s Xerflex resistance bands because of its utmost quality and durability over other products that I have used. I find they are most useful for both functional strength and rehabilitation to aid in achieving peak athletic performance and prevention of injuries. The premium quality and smooth finish of Xerflex resistance bands not only provides comfort on the skin but also remains secure during exercises. I would recommend Xerflex resistance bands to all individuals looking to benefit from resistance training”.  HEAD PHYSIOTHERAPIST – NRL Referees